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Why Nimble?

  • There are many accounting solutions – standalone versions, cloud based versions and outsourced versions (think CPAs and accounting professionals). But who is the primary focus for all of these solutions? YES, you guessed it right…the primary focus are people with an understanding of accounting and who have the time to make sense of the various nuances and intricacies of accounting and tax laws. Does that serve you as a business owner? NO! An emphatic NO.
  • Nimble – as the name suggests – is all about delivering the right information and critical insights that make sense to the business owner, in a timely manner. Nimble is all about delivering those insights with the speed and precision anytime anywhere, so that the business owner can initiate actions to help the business grow or avoid speed bumps or both wherever the business is at any point of time. So, again, Why Nimble?

Reasons to Consider

The reasons are many for you to hear, learn and experience

  • Great solution for businesses with multiple locations or verticals
  • Excellent solution for owners with multiple businesses
  • Unique dashboard capabilities that give a clear understanding of the business without looking at any other screen
  • Customizations for industry segments and for specific franchise concepts
  • Tailor-made solutions for Retail and Restaurant industries
  • 100% customized for IT consulting/staffing and other staffing businesses
  • Ability to customize to the needs of any business in any industry
  • Consolidation of all of your business accounts with a single click of the mouse
  • Combined reporting & comparison of business units/locations/verticals with a single click
  • Single login for multiple businesses

Competitive Value Propositions

The reasons are many for you to hear, learn and experience

  • What makes Nimble better than the competition? What makes Nimble compelling for any business owner?
  • Save money and improve profitability in more ways through Nimble – compelling price point, savings in accountant salaries/fees, proactively saving in other business costs
  • Reduce risks more effectively and in a more timely manner through Nimble – business specific alerts, timely and actionable insights, proactive management through budgeting and tracking
  • Unique dashboard capabilities that give a clear understanding of the business without looking at any other screen
  • Improve efficiencies across your business much better – savings in time in one area allows resource allocations to other areas, leading to smoother operations and happy employees. As a business owner, you will like what you see when that happens. And that can happen better with Nimble.
  • Proactive business management achieved through Nimble that can help a business owner stay ahead of the competition. With more than 150 reports, dashboard metrics, business specific alerts, budgeting and analytics built in, a business owner can proactively guard against risks, cut costs and increase the profits. No other system comes close to Nimble, when it comes to helping business owners proactively manage their business. Period.
  • Very easy transition from other accounting systems and with no upfront costs or any significant ongoing costs for the business owner. As a matter of fact, Nimble pays for itself through significant time and money savings.