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Business Owner Benefits

  • Save money through automated business processes and timely information, including alert mechanisms and paid vs. unpaid, billed vs. unbilled reports etc.
  • Save significant time from automation of business processes – through POS/vendor system/payroll service provider integrations, automated data entry (like auto accrual entry), report book, single login etc. that results in immediate visibility into the business
  • Early warning of problems and issues through business specific alerts and dashboard metrics
  • Better control – from user access mgmt., dashboard metrics and graphics, budget and forecasting, global accounting concept, Inter Company Financial Analysis (ICFA) etc.
  • Better decision making and improved profitability through timely insights from customized reports, flash P&L, combined reports, consolidated reports, sales and expense analysis, pending transaction report etc.
  • Ease of use and pleasant user experience through purpose based accounting, single login, great workflows, presentation of menu, access to menu items etc. that leads to productivity increases.
  • Timely availability of business information and insights anytime, anywhere and on any device – computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Automated processes for efficient operations

At Nimble Accounting, we have automated several tasks making the accounting process lean and efficient. In addition, Nimble’s integration with POS, Vendor Systems, Payroll Service Providers means month-end reports prepared in a matter of hours…NOT days or weeks on end.

Quick and accurate data entry through imports

The ability to download income and expenditure details from POS systems, vendor systems and payroll service provider means elimination of long hours by the book keeper, elimination of human errors and detailed information available for analysis.

Generation of P&L for Franchisee Central

For franchisors and franchisees, Nimble automatically maps division codes and generates the monthly P&L, eliminating hassles and friction in the process.

Sales Accrual Entry

Nimble can automatically create and post the sales accrual entry at the end of every month in order to calculate the exact sales, even if the month end happens during the middle of a week. Passing this entry correctly will generate accurate P&L.

Franchisee Fee Calculation

For franchisors and franchisees, Nimble can automatically calculate the monthly advertising and the royalty fees.

Combined Reports

Nimble Accounting is designed and developed for multiple location operations, so that all of your accounts are in one place. Data from all of your locations are automatically consolidated to generate combined P&L and combined Balance Sheet for all of your location as and when the need arises.

Reduced Book Keeping Costs

Nimble Accounting’s unique cloud architecture, process automations and innovative work flow brings about steep reduction in the book keeping efforts. Studies over a year with over 100 customers in the restaurant sector showed a 75% decrease in month end book keeping time.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your interaction with the accountants

Innovative data entry concepts in Nimble Accounting guides the user in marking the correct entries, minimizing errors. This allows non-accounting people to use Nimble Accounting. You, as a business owner, would find that valuable when you need your managers to enter certain pieces of information, for analysis purposes..

Most of the complex accounting tasks such as accrual entries, financial reports etc. are automated, saving significantly on man power costs in recruitment, training and retention.

Complete month’s data entry for a store in less than 3 hrs. Not 3 days. Not 3 weeks.

For Nimble’s customized solution for a restaurant franchise, the import features enabled detailed data capture from the POS system, vendor systems and payroll vendors. This together with the automatic creation of accrual entry and automatic consolidation help in completing the data entry in a very short time.

The accounting teams supporting the franchisees of that restaurant concept took less than three hours to enter a month’s data for a store, where it previously took 3 – 4 days, resulting in considerable savings in man hours and costs.

No upfront investments!!! Does it get any better than this?

Nimble Accounting is offered as a cloud based subscription service. You don’t have to buy hardware or software nor is there a need for skilled computer experts to manage them.

That’s not all – with Nimble Accounting, you need not to bother about software upgrades as they are totally free. You don’t have to bother about data security and back-ups either – these are automatically managed in the cloud.

All you have to do is pay a low monthly subscription fee and experience a hassle free, economical service that gives you more free time to focus on your business and drive profits.

Adding another store has never been so easy

Expanding your business generally requires purchase of new hardware, additional software licenses and lot of effort in setting up and support cost. But with Nimble Accounting, it’s just as simple as adding a new location. In less than 30 minutes, your new location or business is ready for operations and all you have to pay is the subscription fee. And all this work is so simple that you can do it yourself, or if you face any difficulty, our superlative 24×7 support team is always there to help you at no extra cost.

One Dashboard

As a business owner with multiple businesses – or even one business – it is always difficult to get a consolidated picture of your business on a daily basis. Nimble’s powerful Dashboard provides you with all of your business information in one screen. The dashboard is designed to keep you posted on key performance indicators like aggregate sales details, expenditure details, P&L, bank balances and accounts payable.

If you need to get to the bottom of it, the drill down capabilities of the dashboard can dig right down to the transaction or employee details. The dashboard also gives you alerts on pending tasks, so that you are invoicing on time and paying your bills on time, besides reminding you of your business related events.

Sales & Expense Analysis

Nimble Accounting can capture detailed sales information for analysis. A bouquet of customizable reports in Nimble means you can compare and contrast the sales, food cost, payroll and other expense information.

The comparison can be performed at a high-level for all the stores combined with previous data. Or you can do a detailed analysis between stores with the current year data and/or with the previous year data.

Flash P&L in your mailbox

In Nimble Accounting you can automatically generate a Flash P&L that presents a high-level view on income, food cost and expenses for a selected period by location, by business or for all of your locations or businesses. Keep yourself posted on these key performance indicators by configuring Nimble to automatically send a Flash P&L to your mail box every week or for that matter – every day. Your business partners can do the same as well, picking and choosing the reports that they want to be sent on a periodic basis, decided by them.

Available anytime from anywhere

Nimble Accounting is a “cloud-based” software that you can securely access over the internet. All you need is a computer or tablet or smart phone. You can log in from anywhere, at any time and access all of your information in one easy-to-read format, presented in an intelligent way to suit your business needs. So, when tax time comes, you have your information handy to give to your CPA. And if you are a franchisee, it also means that you can send in your reports to the franchisor on time and without the headaches.

So next time you want information, you don’t need to write a mail to your accountant or call your accountant or rush back to your business. Just log on to Nimble and find out for yourself.