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Business Partner Benefits

In today’s world, old business models are eradicated with impunity by entrepreneurs with out-of-the-box thinking, new paradigm-shifting technologies and informed consumers. This holds true for ourselves as well as our own business customers. Unless there is a clear and compelling value proposition, long term sustainability is difficult to attain. Compelling value proposition can come from game-changing technologies, great marketing, unbelievable user experience, great back end support, responsiveness to customer needs in a timely manner and an ecosystem of like-minded and complementary businesses that combine to provide what the customer needs when they need it and how they need it.

At Nimble, we strongly believe in working with complementary business partners, so that we can clearly elucidate our combined and compelling value propositions and significantly increase our joint closing rate. Some of the criteria we look for, in potential business partners, are highlighted below.

  • Nimble pursues small and medium size businesses (SMB) for enlightening them on Nimble’s value add to their pressing business issues. Does the potential business partner also target the same SMB segment?
  • Any business needs an accounting software. Does the potential partner’s business represent a need, a want or a wish of our customer?
  • Nimble offers vertical industry solutions and we may partner up according to the needs of different industries and different businesses. Does our potential business partner offer products and services needed by one or more industries?
  • We are about Being Nimble™. We like to move fast on opportunities and be super responsive to client needs. Does our partner share that value or attribute?
  • We like to refer business to our business partners and create a vibrant ecosystem that creates value by creating an atmosphere of collaboration with the various other business partners. Do our potential business partners share the same value?

We look for business partners with whom we can create more value for each of us and our customers, than we would be able to, on a sole basis. We look for –

  • Companies that have complementary software products
  • Companies that have complementary hardware products
  • Companies that have complementary services to our products
  • Companies that have complementary businesses to our business like resellers