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Accountant Benefits

  • By saving time, accounting practices can focus on getting more business of same type or more higher end business like financial planning, profit leakage analysis, cash flow forecasting etc.
  • By saving money, accounting practices can be more profitable and gain a greater ability to expand the business.
  • With the significant savings in time and money, Nimble pays for itself.
  • Accounting practices and accountants will find that Nimble Accounting is flexible and easy to work with. We will partner with you to close deals in real time and help with your customer account set up, account support and development of customized features to suit your client needs
  • Nimble’s pricing is low enough that any commission is not lucrative. That makes the accountants look good to their client when presenting Nimble, as the accountant will be seen as having the best interests of the client and as being thoroughly professional.
  • By presenting Nimble to the clients, an accounting practice is seen by the business owner as being ahead of the curve technologically, being very adaptable and doing what is best for the clients.
  • By presenting Nimble to the clients, an accounting practice is helping the clients to manage their business more proactively. That results in a more trusting and deeper relationship between the accounting practice and the business owner client.

With high levels of automation in Nimble, you and your accounting and book keeping team save significant amounts of time. That can mean several things to you, as a professional accountant –

  • You save on your team’s time. That may represent savings in payroll expenses for your practice and improved profitability for you.
  • You may charge your customers a fixed amount for the work. That amount may not change with the savings in time. That represents increased profitability for you.
  • When you have more time available because of Nimble, you can take on more work from your existing clients or you may look to add new clients to your practice and that is increase in your revenues
  • With more time available, you may be able to take on higher end work like financial planning, cash flow forecasting, controller services, expansion services, profit leakage analysis etc.

With the powerful dashboard features, combined reports and tailor-made solutions for your clients, you can save money not only for your practice, but also for your clients. Save money, improve profitability and Be Happy™.

  • Be on top of your practice with a consolidated view of your practice, especially if you have multiple locations and multiple employees.
  • Be on top of your client’s business with combined reports that show the numbers for you to crunch and for your clients to digest.
  • Tailor-made solutions can mean several things – automated business processes, custom reports, seamless built-in communications and collaboration features, actionable insights etc.

With access control and identity management, dashboard functionalities, alert mechanisms and budgeting tools, you can not only control and manage your own practice to your liking, but also help your clients control and manage their businesses to their liking. Talk of being a true partner to your clients!!!

  • With alert mechanisms that alert you to key events like A/P, A/R, client meetings etc., you can Be Nimble™. When you are nimble, so is your business and your client’s business against marketplace dynamics.
  • With access control and identity management, you can control who in your organization can see what information within Nimble. You can control the access of your practice’s or your client’s information by menu items and sub-menu items. So, you don’t have to worry about any unauthorized access of information by people you may not fully trust.
  • With the budgeting features, you can set the monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the various functions within your practice. And you can help your clients do that too.
  • With the dashboard functionality, you can track budget to actuals, whether it is sales, purchases or headcount. Does not matter. It only matters that you have greater control over your and your practice’s destiny.