Every successful enterprise wants and needs to further its vision and to expand profitably in order to build sustainable advantage. To facilitate sustainability, processes must be integrated from their components in a form that is duplicable. Once integrated, the enterprise can further penetrate existing markets, or expand into new markets reliably to earn value through growth.

The value of an enterprise increases when it can build a network of successful duplicable activities. This approach has been used by enterprises such as HSBC, McDonald’s, Royal Dutch Shell, Starbucks, and Walmart to expand in both domestic and foreign markets as either corporate or franchise systems, or both.
The technique requires building a standardized business system from duplicable processes, functions, facilities and equipment with proven products and/or services in one market, that offer potential in others. The technique is applied most often by operators of bank branches, chain department stores, drug stores, fast-food restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets. However, it is equally applicable to internal administrative departments and operational plants and warehouses.
The ingredients consist of a set of measurable, predictable, repeatable, and trainable processes that can be integrated together and with related functions, facilities, and equipment to form the business system itself. Standardized products and/or services are delivered through this highly routinized system as a bundle.
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