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Franchising Industry Solutions

As you are already aware, a franchise is successful when a few key elements come together –
  • A great franchise concept/system
  • Committed and well capitalized franchisees
  • Great marketing and brand awareness
  • And a harmonious relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor

There are many thousands of cases, over the years, of franchises that had covered the first three bullet points above, FAILING due to the lack of the last bullet point – harmonious relationship. Where Nimble would come into play is the last bolded item. Harmonious relationship between the franchisee and franchisor is built on mutual trust, timely exchange of information/financial reports between the franchisee and franchisor in a seamless manner and the ability of the franchisor to gain timely insights into the performance of franchisees at the regional and local levels, in order to allocate resources to help improve the performance of the franchisees in that region or location.

Nimble is a cloud-based accounting, analytics, budgeting and forecasting software that is feature rich and serves the needs of the franchisors and franchisees. Some of the benefits offered by Nimble to franchisors are as follows:

  • System-wide standardization of reports to make your life, as a franchisor, simpler.
  • System-wide automation to save you – and your franchisees – time and money.
  • Improved analytics capabilities to provide you greater understanding of day-to-day operations for any specific region.
  • Aggregated data – for the entire system or by region or market – to help you act fast to improve weak market positions and minimize franchisee failures.
  • With a compelling price point, flexibility to customize to your needs and great technical support, you will find Nimble to be one of your best business decisions.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we may be able to address your pain points and help you and your franchisees reduce the risk of failure and be more successful. Be Nimble!!! Contact us now!!!

  • With our cloud-based system, there is no upfront costs of servers or data security or upgrade costs or downtime from server crashes or backup failures. Plus, the franchisee’s business information is available anytime, anywhere.
  • As a franchisee’s business expands from a single location to multiple locations, Nimble expands with the franchisees business. Adding a new location is a matter of minutes in the existing Nimble account of the franchisee.
  • With a powerful Dashboard functionality, a franchisee can “See Everything™”. Whether it is a single location or 500 locations, in one screen, the franchisee has the ability to see the consolidated picture and health of his/her businesses. The Dashboard is customized to the franchise concept and the franchisee’s needs, so that the franchisee has the right information when it is needed and how it is needed.
  • Integration with the franchisor’s methodology and operating procedures as well as automated data entry features means that the franchisee can have the monthly reports in a matter of hours as opposed to days or weeks. That is the difference between timely decision making process and being a laggard in the franchise system.
  • Ability to set budgets at the beginning of the year and track budget vs. actuals as the year progresses. This allows franchisees to have a plan and follow through on the plan to greater profitability, success and control.
  • Sending monthly reports to the franchisors is painless and can be automatic, so that, as a franchisee, it is one less hassle. Save money and do it from Nimble with the click of a button.
  • Automatic monthly franchise fee calculation as well as integration with banks and credit card companies for download of banking and credit card transaction data makes for a smooth operation that saves time and money for the franchisee and allows for greater control of the business or businesses.

We’d be happy to discuss in greater detail with you as to our more exact value-adds. Your investment in time in meeting with us to discuss your specific needs, our flexibility and our exact value adds will make it worth your investment in time. You’d wish you had met us earlier!!!

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